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B i o g r a p h y

Peter "Pete" Jacobson is an American cellist, producer, songwriter-singer, chamber musician, teacher, and father.  In 2013 he won a Grammy for Best Latin Rock Alternative or Urban Album as a member of the group Quetzal.  After more than a decade performing as the cellist for Pasadena's Southwest Chamber Music, he began to focus on original music.  His extensive experience premiering difficult new works by composers, as well as an ability to improvise and play by ear, makes him in demand as a studio musician across genres.  He releases original music under his name, as well as various other projects including Talking Strings, Aux Cerna, Hellacello and Sangam.  Companies like Nike and Target have licensed his compositions.  Mr. Jacobson has composed and recorded for artists including Logic, Dr. Dre and Juicy J, and he frequently plays in the San Diego Symphony. He has been a soloist with Kamasi Washington and the West Coast Get Down, and has toured the world with Rhye. His solo cello can be heard in film and television, including The Walking Dead, Motherland, The Twighlight Zone, Outlander, and many others. Pete has performed across the US, Mexico, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe. He studied with Eleonore Schoenfeld at USC, as well as at Cal Arts with Erica Duke-Kirkpatrick and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with Irene Sharp.  Pete plays regularly with Rhye, the Arohi Ensemble, Sangam Sitar + Cello, Talking Strings, Aux Cerna,  Quartetto Fantastico, the Hutchins Consort, and others.

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